Kenya Project Devotra


Rehabilitation and Upgrading of Kenya Technical Teachers College and Nine (9) Regional Centers of Excellence.

August 2010: the first TIVET (Technical Industrial Vocational Education Training) Project in Kenya that is entirely focused on the development of vocational training has started. The project is initiated by Devotra BV in cooperation with the Government of Kenya (Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology) and the Government of The Netherlands (Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Development Cooperation).

Devotra, specialized supplier of equipment and tools for education projects in developing countries and upcoming markets, started the turn-key project in 2004. From the feasibility studies to the complete equipping of the schools, training and maintenance, under the official name: “Rehabilitation and Upgrading of Kenya Technical Teachers Colleges and Nine (9) Regional Centers of Excellence“.

The objective of the project is not only the upgrading of the equipment, tools, learning materials and educational and management skills, but also the improvement of the current curricula, which will be a base for enrolment in the future.

The expectation is that all activities, knowledge and experience of these first ten institutes will be passed through to other Technical Institutes, to eventually achieve a complete improvement of the Technical Vocational Training in Kenya. By this upgrading the entire learning climate can be improved, which will create possibilities and space for students with special needs as well.

The delivery to the 10 institutes consists of following components:
1) Machines, tools, equipment and training materials for the courses; Machining & Fitting, Sheet Metal, Welding, Automotive, Plumbing & Pipefitting, Carpentry & Joinery, Electricity & Electronics and Masonry;
2) Improvement and refurbishment of existing equipment and materials;
3) Overseas Fellowship (practical courses and training) for teachers, curriculum experts and facility managers (in The Netherlands);
4) In-country training and Training Support for teachers and staff;
5) Review of existing curricula and educational materials;
6) Technical Support, Spare Parts and consumables (maintenance).

The project will be implemented during 6 years, of which at start 60 teachers and managers will be trained in The Netherlands, who will train within this project another 650 teachers and 200 managers in the 10 institutes.

Eventually, each year thousands of students and hundreds involved teachers will immediately benefit from this upgrading. All industrial science and agricultural sectors of Kenya and even the entire Kenyan economy will benefit from the new trained vocational population.

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